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Optimizing Home Additions

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave your current home to find a larger one when your family starts growing or when you simply want to spread out more. In cases such as these, what you’ll appreciate more than anything is a building construction company in Saratoga, CA, that can build you the home addition you’ve always wanted, and that’s where we come in. 

What kind of addition we build for your house is entirely up to you. Do you need an attached bedroom addition in Saratoga, CA? A living room? A den where you and your family and friends can hang around and watch sports? TZ Construction can do it all for you, and to your exact specifications. Let us help you design the home addition that’s going to work best for your existing house and make you the happiest. 

A reliable home construction company near Palo Alto, might be hard to find, but you know you’ve got a high-caliber construction business with TZ Construction. Contact us at (408) 904-9094 to get started on your perfect home addition today!

Addition Photos

Your house needs to grow along with your family. To help you and yours from feeling crowded, TZ Construction offers room additions and other house extensions. Rely on us to make your residence stylish and comfortable.


Spacious Kitchen

Spacious Living

As children grow up, they need more room for clothes, sports equipment, and entertainment equipment. We can help you create that extra space they need by adding one or more bedrooms onto your home.

Instead of bedrooms, you may want more communal and entertaining space. If so, we can extend your residence by adding a new living room. Other options that will make your structure more spacious and comfortable include:

  • A Bathroom
  • A Kitchen
  • An Upstairs Unit
  • A Basement